What is a Microbiome?

What is a Microbiome?

The “Microbiome” is an emerging field of research, primarily studied in recent years in the context of the digestive system, but is in its infancy with respect to the Microbiome of the skin. What is a Microbiome? It is a collection of trillions of microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi and even viruses that live inside our bodies and on our skin. The total weight of the Microbiome is between 2 and 3 kg per person!  According to this novel approach, we are actually beginning to view and treat the Microbiome as an integral organ of the human body.

But what is the impact of the Microbiome on our lives? Can bacteria actually be the cause of skin conditions? Does the composition of the bacterial population found on the surface of the skin vary significantly from person to person or between areas of the body? These questions and others are being investigated by scientists around the world who are busy studying the Microbiome. Indeed, recent studies do point to differences in the population of bacteria between healthy skin and unhealthy skin.

Does “bad” bacteria cause the problem?

Researchers have succeeded in identifying the “bad” bacterial populations that are common in cases of various skin disorders.  Are the “bad” bacteria the root of the problem? Researchers continue their laboratory experiments and mapping work to solve these mysteries, characterize the mechanisms of action and work on developing appropriate innovative treatments. An Israeli venture set up to treat chronic skin diseases was a leader in the field to patent a breakthrough invention. The project, with the support of the Israeli Innovation Authority, has developed a bacterial complex, a kind of probiotic for the skin, which balances the dermal Microbiome, in other words, replaces the “bad” bacteria on the skin with “good” bacteria. In a clinical trial, impressive success was recorded – 80% of the cases treated showed a positive effect on the PASI index after using the treatment twice a day for 8 weeks! The company is continuing its research to adapt the treatment to different skin types and further increase the success rate of treatment. The challenge is great and we believe in and hope for further breakthroughs in the treatment of chronic skin diseases!

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